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We would wish to many thanks for giving us a chance to produce our greatest services. We are grateful to you for taking out valuable time . I would like to introduce our company. ISR DECOR is one of the best Interior Deorator U.P. based company. it's office in Kanpur india. We specializes in home and commercial projects undertaking since 1998. like home, shops, banquet halls, party lawns, hotels, colleges, labs, kitchens. We are a professionally managed team and skilled workers. We have a large number of trained staff for each and every project. like skilled False Ceiling & POP, Wallpaper, Flooring, Madrasi Dana, Texture, Painting, Window Blinds, PVC Panel etc worker. ISR DECOR is providing all kind of Interior and Exterior Decoration solutions. it includes every types of False Ceiling, Wallpaper, Flooring, Texture, Painting, Madrasi Dana, PVC Panel Designing.

False Ceiling

False ceilings are a type of an artificial ceiling. Ceilings are one of the most important elements of your home, but there are ways in which these could add beauty to a room. One of the modern-day interior trends is the false ceiling.

false ceilings were usually made of gypsum boards, but these days, it is easy to have false ceilings that are not only functional, but also decorative.They can host sprinklers for fire emergencies or to insert lights, providing a smooth, organised surface, rather than hanging tube-lights and bulbs. False ceilings are suspended a few inches below the basic ceiling on a metal framework which can be made of any lightweight construction material like plaster of Paris or gypsumboard, depending upon the budget or the requirement.

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Wallpaper comes in very styles and colours, with an improbable choice of lovely effects like opalescent end, suede, beads and metallics, brocaded silk textures, and natural grasscloth. If you are looking for an attractive room or feature wall, you might want to consider designer wallpaper that bring rich colors and textures into a room. WALLPAPER SELECTION - Extensive selection of designs, finishes,styles Metallic, foil, glitter, pearl effect patterns, Textured patterns, beads, silk, glasscloth, Nearly limitless designs including geometric, brick and wood, floral and more.

BENIFITS - Wallpaper is easy to clean. Some homeowners choose to put wallpaper on half of their walls with a border, thus giving them another way to decorate with wallpaper. For rooms where the walls are prone to get dirty, wallpaper is a great option being easy to clean. wallpaper easy to installation in minimum time. Visit our store for the best in-stock selections of wallpapers in kanpur.


Wooden and PVC Flooring are commonly used floor finishes. The flooring made of a PVC and wooden material.This flooring provide in various thickness. This flooring available in various colour and design. The biggest benefit of PVC flooring is that they are inexpensive. They are the most pocket-friendly type of flooring material when compared to other forms such as marble, ceramic etc. Even luxury pvc flooring is affordable when compared to other materials. When it comes to style and durability.PVC flooring is not only an affordable option but the installation cost of PVC flooring is also low. flooring installation time is very less.PVC flooring come in any sizes required of client.PVC flooring are the easiest to clean. Visit our shop to PVC Flooring Services in kanpur.

Madrasi Dana(Marble Chip Product)

Madrasi Dana is made by marble. Madrasi dana is very Favourable for wall sealings. Madrasi Dana is very Favourable for the exterior wall of the house and building as compared to the paint. madrasi dana installation one time in your wall.So many years do not need any product to be done on your wall. The cost of setting up a Madrasi dana is also very less in comparison to other things. Madrasi Dana is available in many colours.